Nurse MB

Senior Nurse Injector

Nurse MB, the clinic founder, began her nursing career over seven years ago in the post-operative department and worked her way through into the endoscopy suite. Mb found her way into the cosmetic industry from her love of aesthetics and passion for making people feel good about themselves and confident in their own skin. Mb has been doing cosmetic injections for over 3 years. To say the least, she takes pride in making people feel good about themselves by helping them enhance and look the best version of themselves. 

Mb is constantly seeking out any education she can to keep her skills up and to keep on the forefront with the latest trends, techniques and products available so her patients know they are in the best of hands. When you come into the clinic to see Mb, you will have a thorough consultation that is aimed at providing the best outcomes for you based on your individual needs, concerns and budget.

Corey Akisanya, NP

Clinic Medical Director

Baccalaureate Nursing, Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner (NP,BN, MN:NP).Work Experience: Primary Care, Pediatric ICU, Pediatric ER, and Clinical Education at the laboratory, clinical, and lecturing level

Regional Trainer for THMA Consulting
Corey is a nurse practitioner that has a focus on primary care for all ages. He also has a strong background in pediatric critical care. Corey has completed his medical aesthetics training through THMA Consulting.

“I’m very passionate about medical aesthetics. I see beauty in everyone, and I will make sure they see the beauty within themselves.”